Three poems by Emily Dickinson

Voice and orchestra

2004-2005 – 15mn

No recording available

I – Presentiment – is that long Shadow

II – It is dead – Find it

III – Great Streets of silence


    • I.
      Presentiment – is that long Shadow – on the Lawn
      Indicative that Suns go down -The Notice to the startled Grass
      That Darkness – is about to pass –
    • II.
      It is dead – Find it –
      Out of sound – Out of sight –
      “Happy”? Which is wiser –
      You, or the Wind?
      “Conscious”? Won’t you ask that –
      Of the low Ground?”Homesick”? Many met it –
      Even through them – This
      Cannot testify –
      Themself – as dumb –
    • III.
      Great Streets of silence led away
      To Neighborhoods of Pause –
      Here was no Notice – no Dissent
      No Universe – no Laws -By Clocks, ‘twas Morning, and for Night
      The Bells at Distance called –
      But epoch had no basis here
      For Period exhaled.