Words by Gerard Manley Hopkins from his note-books and journal (1864 – 1866)

Voice; 2 violins; 2 percussions

2006 – 12mn

Jody Pou : voice; Calvin Wiersma, Andrea Schultz : violins; Aaron Siegel, Joe Bergen : percussions / From SHSK’H Vol.01 : Igor Ballereau /
Recorded at Avatar studios, New York – February 16-17, 2008 by Lawrence Manchester


They are not dead who die, they are but lost who live

[Distance / Dappled with diminish’d trees / Spann’d with shadow everyone.]

A noise of falls I am possessed by
Of streams; and clouds like mesh’d and parted moss
Of water. Clouds like parted moss
Attain the windy levels of the sky
Which between ash-tops suffers loss
Of its concavity.