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Words from Peter Handke’s Das Gewicht der Welt – Ein Journal November 1975 bis März 1977 Voice; Bb clarinet (also Bb contrabass clarinet and Eb piccolo clarinet); violin; cello; piano 2013-2014 – 26mn No recording available 1 – Zum weiterleben 2 – Dunklen Fenster 3 – Was es ist 4 – Vielleicht zu dritt 5 […]


Double trio for flute; violin; harp; Bb clarinet; viola and piano 2011 – 13mn Ensemble Accroche Note : Ayako Okubo : flute; Armand Angster : clarinet; Thomas Gautier : violin; Grégoire Vallette : viola; Anne Vonau-Spannagel : harp; Nina Maghsoodloo : piano – Francesco La Licata cond. / Recorded live – Auditorium de la Cité […]

Mouvement encore des choses

Bb clarinet; violin; cello; piano (or vibraphone) 2009 – 12mn About all the turns of the scaping from the break and flooding of wave to its run out again I have not yet satisfied myself G.M. Hopkins – Journal/Aug.10, 1872 Ensemble Aleph : Dominique Clément : clarinet; Noëmi Schindler : violin; Christophe Roy : cello; […]


Words by Gerard Manley Hopkins from his note-books and journal (1864 – 1866) Voice; 2 violins; 2 percussions 2006 – 12mn Jody Pou : voice; Calvin Wiersma, Andrea Schultz : violins; Aaron Siegel, Joe Bergen : percussions / From SHSK’H Vol.01 : Igor Ballereau / Recorded at Avatar studios, New York – February 16-17, 2008 […]

Nel cuore è quasi un urlo di gioia

Based on Après une lecture de Penna, taken from Gérard Pesson’s Vexierbilder, Rom for piano. Poem by Sandro Penna Voice; guitar; percussion; violin; cello 2005 – 5mn Jody Pou : voice; Oren Fader : guitar; Aaron Siegel : percussion; Calvin Wiersma : violin; Chris Gross : cello/ From SHSK’H Vol.01 : Igor Ballereau / Recorded […]


Poem by Michelangelo Voice; piano; chimes; violin; viola; cello 2003 – 9mn Jody Pou : voice; Emily Manzo : piano; Joe Bergen : chimes; Calvin Wiersma : violin; Danielle Farina : viola; Chris Gross : cello / From SHSK’H Vol.01 : Igor Ballereau / Recorded at Avatar studios, New York – February 16-17, 2008 by […]

Ichiaku no suna

Five Tanka by Takuboku Ishikawa Voice; 3 flutes (also piccolo/alto fl.); violin; viola; cello 2003 – 13mn À Gérard Pesson Etsuko Chida : voice; Ensemble Der blaue Reiter/ Recorded Live – Villa Medici, Rome – May 21, 2004 Words I. Ishi hitotsu Saka o kudaruga goto kunimo Ware ke u hi ni itari tsukitaru Comme […]


Poem by Georg Trakl Four vocal soloists (High S, MS, CT, Bar.); choir SATB (4/4/4/4); string quartet; orchestra of 32 musicians 2001-2002 – 17mn No recording available Words Karl Kraus zugeeignet Es ist ein Licht, das der Wind ausgelöscht hat. Es ist ein Heidekrug, den am Nachmittag ein Betrunkener verläßt. Es ist ein Weinberg, verbrannt […]

Le monde flottant

Movement for string quartet and orchestra 2001 – 6mn No recording available

L’eau si lente

Orchestra 2000 – 12mn No recording available

Pou pocket songs

Voice; Bb clarinet (also Bb bass cl.); cello 1996-1997 – 40mn Ensemble Accroche-Note : Françoise Kubler : voice; Armand Angster : clarinet; Walter Grimmer : cello / Selections from PPS recorded live by Othon Schneider – Auditorium France 3 Alsace, Festival Musica 1997, Strasbourg – September 20, 1997 Words I. Nous vous informons que cet […]