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Altas Ondas

Poem (Canso) attributed to the troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (? – 1207 ca.) Voice; violin; Bb clarinet 2013 – 10mn No recording available Words 1   Altas ondas que venez suz la mar Que fai lo vent çay e lay demenar De mon amic savez novas comtar Qui lay passet ? no lo vei retornar ! Et oy, […]

I (the defeat of the personal)

Words by Katherine Mansfield from her Journal (1907-1922) Voice; violin; viola; cello 2009-2010 – 35mn Jody Pou : voice; Anna Lim : violin; Tawnya Popoff : viola; Carrie Stinson : cello / From SHSK’H Vol.06 : Igor Ballereau #2 / Recorded at Avatar studios, New York – July 30-31, 2010 by Bryan Smith Words I. […]

HSESTTL (Hic Situs Est / Sit Tibi Terra Levis)

Eight fragments from roman epitaphs Mixed choir a cappella 2008-2009 – 18mn Jacques Ballereau (1944-2009), mon père. Ici chaque son, chaque silence : à partir de toi, à travers nous. Les Cris de Paris – Geoffroy Jourdain cond. / Recorded live – Auditorium du Louvre, Paris – November 6, 2009 Words I. cum sit communis […]

/and/ (a song made of silent as stone silence of song)

Voice; flute; Bb clarinet; guitar; violin; cello; piano 2007 – 42mn No recording available

Incerto tempore incertisque locis

Solo piano 2006 – 11mn À Clément Mao-Takacs Emily Manzo : piano / From SHSK’H Vol.01 : Igor Ballereau / Recorded at Avatar studios, New York – February 16-17, 2008 by Lawrence Manchester

Death hath deprived me

Based on Death hath deprived me by Thomas Weelkes (1576-1623). Poem by John Davies of Hereford Three voices; guitar; violin; viola; cello 2006 – 6mn Jody Pou (S), Robert Isaacs (CT), Greg Purnhagen (Bar.) : voices; Oren Fader : Guitar; Calvin Wiersma : violin; Danielle Farina : viola; Chris Gross : cello / From SHSK’H Vol.01 […]


Three poems by Emily Dickinson Voice and orchestra 2004-2005 – 15mn No recording available I – Presentiment – is that long Shadow II – It is dead – Find it III – Great Streets of silence Words I. Presentiment – is that long Shadow – on the Lawn Indicative that Suns go down -The Notice […]

Briefe an F. (…die Nacht ist noch zu venig Nacht…)

Ten songs based on Kafka’s letters to Felice Bauer Voice and piano 2004-2005 – 30mn *Jody Pou Jody Pou : voice; Emily Manzo : piano / From SHSK’H Vol.06 : Igor Ballereau #2 /Recorded at Clinton studios, New York – June 24, 2009 by Bryan Smith Words I. Während des Klavierspiels sass ich schief hinter […]

Psaume 70

French version by Olivier Cadiot Mixed choir a cappella 2003 – 6mn À Geoffroy Jourdain et toutes les voix des Cris de Paris Les Cris de Paris – Geoffroy Jourdain cond. / Recorded live – Cité de la musique, Paris – May 8, 2004 Words Dieu délivre moi Yhwh viens vite à mon aide Honte […]


Poem by Georg Trakl, from Siebengesang des Todes Soprano; male choir (3T, 3B); 2 trumpets; french horn; trombone; tuba (or contrabass clarinet); 2 violins; viola; cello 2002 – 10mn No recording available Words Blinde Klage im Wind, mondene Wintertage, Kindheit, leise verhallen die Schritte an schwarzer Hecke, Langes Abendgeläut. Leise kommt die weiße Nacht gezogen, […]


Words from Le petit Précepteur; First Step to French Conversation. For the use of young beginners. By F. Grandineau, Late French Master to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, Author of “Conversations familières à l’usage des jeunes demoiselles.” Sixty-fourth edition. Hodder and Stoughton, London. MCMVII Voice; cello; piano 2001 – 3mn No recording available Words […]

Deux somnilogues

Accordion; violin; cello 2000 – 9mn Trio Allers-Retours : Pascal Contet : accordion; Noëmi Schindler : violin; Christophe Roy : cello / Recorded live in Clermont-Ferrand – Summer 2003


Ensemble : Flute (also piccolo); oboe (also english horn); french horn; trumpet; trombone; percussion; harpsichord; 2 violins; viola; cello; double bass 1997 (revised Oct. 1998) – 11mn À Monsieur Jean-Jean de Montmartre, 30 ans d’âge Ensemble Itinéraire – Renato Rivolta cond. / Recorded live – Maison de Radio France, Festival Présences 1998, Paris – February […]